Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Final Data Presentation

This is a short data presentation for my my Sound & Motion class. It is intended to be a short film for youtube or maybe as a commercial on a clean house website/tv show. The final product feels like a crime scene investigation as the camera and text explore and narrate the different parts of a bathroom. My purpose is to show just how dirty your bathroom really is, so I present 5 different facts revealing disturbing and surprising information about common bathroom objects such as the toilet, soap dispenser, etc. The text is animated to interact with the object it is related to in a purposeful way as it comes onto the screen adn then leaves the screen. I tried to create smooth transitions and provide enough time for the viewer to read the entire fact, but in some cases, I still think the video moves too quickly. I used iMovie and AfterEffects during post production to complete this project. I learned how to use different tools in AfterEffects such as the transform functions, masks, and different effects like "scatter." The music I added is supposed to enhance the drama and suspense of the dirty bathroom facts.

Untitled from Kyle Huber on Vimeo.