Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Warriors- Itinerary

I got creative while making an itinerary for this weekend. My friend's 16 year old brother is visiting him in Los Angeles for his Spring Break and he asked me to come up with a game plan for what we are going to do while he is here.

Freelance Project: Joe Babajian & Rodeo Realty Advertisements

I have acquired an exciting freelance opportunity with a very well known realtor in Beverly Hills and Bel Air named Joe Babajian. I have been hired to rebrand all of Joe's marketing materials, which includes a total of 12 different pieces. Below are the first ads that will debut in the LA Times Newspaper during the weekend of March 11th, 2011. I will post more pictures when I get my hands on the actual paper.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Freelance Project: Bass & Gas- Store Logo Design

My client is opening a fishing & tackle store in rural Missouri called Bass & Gas. These are the final versions of the logo that I designed. The different versions will be used on large billboard signage, large illuminated signage, business cards, printed materials, and a website (which I will soon be designing also).

My client asked for further revision to the logo and it has now officially been changed to what is shown below.

Freelance Project: Darren Cardona- Logo & Business Cards

This is an identity project that I designed for an Interior Designer and Architect in Los Angeles, CA named Darren Cardona. Darren asked me to consider his line of work for his card's inspiration, so I worked with a grid while using geometric elements such as line and shape.

Business Card (Front & Back)

Freelance Project: Memento Media- Logo & Business Cards

This is an identity project that I designed for an online advertising company that called Memento Media. Their premise is to develop advertising campaigns that resonates, instead of being just another media buy that will be forgotten. Luke Hubbard is one of the founders of this company and he asked me to make a card that was cohesive with the other card I designed for him- but with a unique look. Once printed, the card is cut on the thin black line to become the shape of the right leg of the "M".

Business Card (Front & Back)

Freelance Project: Luke Hubbard- Logo & Business Cards

This is an identity project that I designed in Los Angeles, CA for a professional in the Internet Marketing industry. Luke Hubbard is on the Google Advisory Board and is considered one of the best online marketing experts in the nation.

Business Card (Front & Back)

Freelance Project: Cyril Wrabec- Logo & Business Cards

This is an identity project that I designed for a lawyer in Kansas City named Cyril J. Wrabec. He is not only an attorney, but he is also a pilot. I created two cards for him, one for each of his professional practices.

Attorney Card
Pilot Card

Freelance Project: Adam's Apple Productions- Logo, Business Cards, & Email Header

This is an identity project that I designed for a client named Adam Thor who is the founder and president of Adam's Apple Productions (a company that deals with Entertainment Marketing and Public Relations). I will soon be working on this company's website redesign and other materials.

Business Card (Front & Back)
Email Header

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recent Paintings








Friday, April 30, 2010

Friends of Chamber Music: Internship

Here are some new logo concepts that I have been working on for the Friends of Chamber Music's new series.