Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Type IV: Final Round of Exploration!

So, after struggling to find a good concept to roll with.. I finally came up with something I found really fun that allowed me to use what I already created in the past and from it, develop a stronger message and also, a designalogue banner!

I decided to create a grid on the wall to experiment with by using thumb tacks. Here is the grid:

And then I revisited some of the arbitrary projections I had created last week and chose one image that I thought had a lot of interesting distortion on the the word "dead." I photoshopped the image to remove all background noise and then I projected this image onto my grid. So..at this point, I have projected the word "dead" (written in Zaphino type..which creates a beautiful contrast to the meaning of the word "dead") and photographed it on a 3 dimensional surface. Then, I projected that photograph onto my grid..so in other words, I found a way to recycle something I had created earlier that didnt have a strong message/purpose.

After I used string to sort of trace the letters from the projection, I decided to add more information/flourish to the word that would add a new message to the word dead. Valentines day came in handy at this step, because I had a dozen dead roses to work with. I first added the "alive" pieces of the bouquet(the leaves and baby breath stuff) and photographed that... So the word "dead" is now "alive" :)

... and then, I added the dead roses to the composition to support the word "dead" more litterally. The string sort of craddled the stems and allowed for me to bend and twist the flowers into the shape I wanted.

I also used the same grid to create a few banners for the designalogue. Here is the process and the final banners I submitted to Jamie. I played around with the same distorted typeface that was inspired from the "dead" projection/image. I used one continuous spool of thread to form the letters and I think it turned out pretty neat. Some of the letters were harder to shape than others, but I learned how to connect certain serifs and legs of the letters to each other so that the word remained legible. After I photographed it, I took it into photoshop to adjust colors and create the appropriate sized banners. I also experimented with projecting additional layers of type on top of my gridded out "designalogue." These new layers added a nice texture and a more dynamic feeling to the banner. I noticed some neat similarities between the typeface i created on the grid and the computer typeface.

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