Sunday, May 10, 2009

End of Semester Review: ALL REVISIONS

InfoArch: Beercoaster Site-
I revised some formal issues with my type and remade a couple infographics so that they made more sense. I also gave the map more presence by making its stroke weight heavier. I still would like to add more infographics sometime this summer. View the new site HERE.

TypeIV: Installing Meaning TypeCon-
I revised my schedule by creating a better hierarchy with my text, adding more informative pages (about  the conference and about the keynote speaker), etc. 

User Experience: Ziba Website
I revised all of my comps and added a "location" page, which was required initially, but for some reason I forgot to create. I made the window space larger by breaking away from the oval shape I had before and now it extends beyond the fold. 

User Experience: Bike Tire Manual-
I revised my groups manual by touching up the type and finessing the overall form.

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