Sunday, December 6, 2009

Illustration Ellective: Project 7

This is a Kansas City Star Magazine cover about the light rail. I am for its development because I believe it will benefit our city and bring us up to date with transit. I wanted to play with the use of typography as image.

Friday, December 4, 2009


I launched my new and refined design portfolio website! Check it out HERE.

The current site is intended to be viewed at full screen, with your browser's window opened up to it's maximum size and all chrome removed (status bar, bookmarks bar, etc.). There should be no scroll bars showing if it is opened up correctly! The document size may be too large for standard browser size, so I need to reconsider this issue.

My intention was to design a portfolio site to showcase my work while implimenting not so typical functions that challenge what is expected from the user, but still makes sense. Therefore, the drag and drop function, which is cool and unique, is important to viewing all of the portfolios content. This functions purpose is validated by the way I activated the boundaries of the screen that we tend to forget about. All work can be viewed at a small scale or full screen, based on the user's level of interest. I also implemented a slideshow in both views, to show multiple images of some projects.

I am most proud of the overall functionality of my website and how I explored the presentation of my work in a way that I've never seen done before. I taught myself a lot about Flash and actionscript 3.0, which I feel is useful knowledge for my career. I am happy with the "instructions" that follow the mouse around to give the user a better understanding of what they should/can do on my site. I think some of the small scale image boxes are lacking the gray space around the work, so I may revise those to be more comfortable, visually. I also struggled with getting my flash document to fit universally into the web browser so that it becomes compatible on all user's screens, and not just mine. Finally, I believe that a pre-loader may be necessary to keep the user's attention while the site loads.