Monday, August 25, 2008

Project 1A: Motion Capture.

project objectives:
- begin to understand the use of sequence in narration.
- explain how messages are constructed over time
- learn the basics of story boarding to convey movement, direction, the passage of time and mood.
- experiment with a variety of mediums to tell stories.
- interpret principles of 2-d design within temporal media
- explain the affordances of screen-based linear narratives in relation to printed communications
- apply precise craft to the creation of story board panels and overall presentation.
- engage in thoughtful and positive group and one-on-one critiques.

choose an activity / sport / hobby / game you enjoy.
your choice has to encompass a range of actions/activities, and you have to be able to observe it firsthand this semester to make images, photos, and observations. it’s better if other people you know participate in it as well. there also has to be a t.v. program, t.v. station, video, or film about this activity (hgtv, nfl, spellbound documentary, etc).

choose two actions from your activity / sport / hobby / game to visualize over a ten-image black-and-white book sequence. consider micro and macro motions; complex and simple motions; various points-of-view; literal, abstract, or metaphorical actions. consider pacing and sequencing through your book. how fast is the action going? are you maintaining a consistent speed, or changing speed? how can this be done in a book? is it possible to “freeze” the action?

I am really struggling with coming up with an activity for this assignment. My first instinct was to use brushing my teeth, but then i realized I don't know if I could find a movie or documentary about it. I could find a commercial, but that would me more of an advertising device for the toothpaste, not necessarily about the actual act of brushing your teeth. I remember there being cheesy videos when I was a kid about how to properly brush your teeth, but do those things even exist anymore? Any idea of how I can make this activity work? Or should I just do what you would expect, and make my activity be "bench pressing?" lol or something similar to that? I could find a tv station/show about exercising or working out. I will probably end up using this as my activity, unless I figure out how to make brushing teeth work! 

-Ok, so I decided to go with BRUSHING TEETH as my activity. 
This video inspired me and I think i will be able to find other films about this vital part of every person's day. Dental hygiene is very important and I think it will be fun to use as a subject. 
This is a great article I found about Brushing Teeth.
Different toothbrush companies offer tips on proper teeth brushing, such as Sonicare.

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