Sunday, February 7, 2010

Degree Project: Project Explanation, Design Solution & Timeline

By taking my HIV Awareness campaign from last semester’s Visual Advocacy class as a starting point for this semester’s degree project, I plan to find an even greater amount of success in promoting change through both the local community and the online community. With this being said, I have asked myself this question: How can a strategic multimedia visual campaign be used to educate and raise awareness about the serious threat of HIV/AIDS to the younger generation as a whole?

As a senior in the design department, I feel that I have had enough time to decide what type of medium interests me the most. Although I do appreciate printed design pieces, books, posters, etc., I have decided that I prefer design that exists on the screen. I find technology to be crucial to my life and a very important part of what I want to do with my future. As it continues to improve each and every day, I have developed a fascination for motion graphics, animation, interactivity, web design, photography, video and sound. This interest has guided me to the realization that my degree project must have a huge emphasis on screen-based design.

The solution for this project will capture the same emotions and success that my “Spread the Truth, Not the Disease” bathroom posters and car fliers did, while also using a complementary strategy that infects knowledge when people are least expecting it. With the help of a local HIV Awareness organization called the Millennial League, my poster campaign has now expanded to a wider audience including men and women, as well as gays and straights, and it will correspond with the website that I am going to create. I will be using a lot of the same imagery, as was well as creating more as the project develops. I want my Internet campaign to have the same aesthetic and overall message that the Millennial League campaign has.

My research has shown me that there are many ways to create emotion through screen-based imagery that is more interesting than what has been done in the past to spread awareness about HIV. Since I want my campaign to be memorable and have a lasting effect on the young generation who I am targeting, my site will include a combination of photography, video, motion graphics, and other multimedia. I’m thinking of creating a splash page that catches someone’s attention and provokes a very dramatic, intimate, one-on-one experience that will make my audience more aware of the serious threat of HIV.

I feel that this semester should challenge me in many ways, while also providing me with an outstanding piece of work to add to my portfolio. I want to teach myself how to do new things in software that I have only briefly played around with in the past, while also improving my design skills formally, creatively, and conceptually. I am excited to make a difference in the lives of others by using my talents as a visual communicator.

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