Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DP: Mid-Semester Degree Project Summation

At this point in the semester, I have reached the half way point in my degree project. So far, I have:

-Completed the Millennial League & AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City's "Spread the Truth, Not the Disease" poster campaign that is now being implemented throughout the local community as of 02.12.10.
-Experimented with using still images to create motion, mood, emotion, and other strategic/successful effects through short .swf movies.
-Planned and directed a new photo/video shoot on 02.27.10 with the help of Drew Bolton, Donald Pelton, and 15 volunteer models.
-Gathered 5 hours of video footage and over 50 photographs to use for my Degree Project campaign
-Got the audio footage from the shoot mastered to its best quality.
-Produced several quick video cuts using sequencing, still video shots and narration.
-Began creating wireframe mockups for what will look like.
-Prepared an up-to-date process documentation book.

creating emotion & mood through giving motion to still-images
Video cut using multiple people in one shot
Video cut using just men to deliver the message

wireframe sketches
Mock-up #1
Mock-up #2
Mock-up #3
Mock-up #3 (B)

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