Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Degree Project: Research Experiments

I need a scare tactic that will wake up my audience by catching their attention, make them aware of the serious threat of HIV/AIDS and also stick in their mind permanently. What medium or combination of media will work best? I have already developed a powerful visual campaign consisting of bathroom posters and car fliers, but how can I incorporate the same type of imagery into a website or web advertisement so that it has an equal impact?

The following are different areas of exploration that I will pursue during the next few weeks.

Where is the most appealing place to write statistics on the model's face (What works and what doesn't)?

What kind of tool works best for writing on skin- pens, markers, eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliner pens, etc.?

What kind of image treatment is most powerful?
-black & white?
-full color?
-high contrast?

Does a combination of several versions of the same photo treated with different colors shown in a looping .swf sequence create an effect that is eye catching?

How long does it take someone to read the statistic on each model's face comfortably?

How can different tweening effects add to the modes of appeal that the image creates?
-fade out or fade in?
-normal to high-saturation?

How can a voice recording of my slogan create a sound mark?

Does the sound mark work as a narration to the imagery?

In summary, I want to:

experimental typography with my campaign message
-writing on faces
-"slogan" type
-handwritten, computer type, moving type, etc.

experimental image sequencing
-using the photos I have gather from awareness campaign photo shoot in strategic order, experimental sequencing, layering, stacking, etc.
-incorporate stop motion by using multiple frames of similar image
-play with modes of appeal

experimental image treatment
-color choice (duotone, b/w, etc.)
-contrast, saturation, levels, filters,etc.
-using modes of appeal to generate new aesthetics.

experimental multimedia visuals/audio
-video, sound, imagery, type, etc.
-voice recordings
-combination of current imagery with textures, patterns, or other content with valid context such as statistics.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Degree Project: Question

The question I am going to address for my Senior Degree Project is:

How can a strategic multimedia visual campaign be used to educate and raise awareness about the serious threat of HIV/AIDS to the younger generation as a whole?

My Dream Design Job

Before I arrived at the Kansas City Art Institute, my artistic talent was only displayed through a limited range of pencil drawings and acrylic paintings. Fortunately, my four very rigorous and productive years at this school have opened my eyes and skill-set to much, much more. I've grown into a graphic designer and an artist who is interested in all sorts of things, including illustration, typography, photography, book design, interactive print design, web design, motion graphics, multimedia design & etc.

I've always been much more of a conceptual thinker than a creative thinker, but here lately, my concept driven design style has started to reach more and more outside of the box. I've always been an overachiever and a hard worker, but I was never actually stimulated artistically or creatively until I arrived at KCAI. My time here has made me realize that I thoroughly enjoy being challenged by technical things that require problem solving and "behind the scenes" kind of details. I thrive on perfection, concept, functionality, interactivity and purpose. I am excited by technology and the limitless possibilities that have emerged through computers and the Internet, as well as the special effects, animation, and motion graphics used in the movie/television industry.

With this being said, my dream job as a graphic designer would be to work at a motion graphics and/or screen based design studio that does movie trailers and other motion work. I would also love to do freelance website design work as well. Geographically, I plan to move to Los Angeles as soon as possible after graduation to start my career and follow through with my dream of living there that I have had since I was a child. The beautiful weather, the incredible amount of opportunities, and the forward-thinking attitude and energy from the people in LA will be just a few of the things that will make the move worth while. I have already started building connections with people in the industry who work in Hollywood and I am optimistic that I will find a lucrative and satisfying job that keeps me on the tip of my toes, while also paying my bills and allowing me to live my life to the fullest. :)