Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Degree Project: Updated Video Edits

I have been working on a campaign "brand mark" to go on the end of each video that will exist in the series of 5-10 different short clips. It has evolved from simple to complex and now back to simple ( efficient!)

First attempt at a campaign mark:
I started with a clean textured background and simple type w/narration.

Second attempt at a campaign mark:
I wanted I added texture, kinetic typography, and lots of movement.

Third attempt at a campaign mark:
Although the fast paced, busy and overloaded campaign mark shows off my editing skills, I felt that it might over power the rest of the video footage and maybe "less is more."

Final campaign mark:
I cut back even more to a clean white background and dramatic smooth transitions with black type.

My concept of reaching out to the young community at critical times and creating a lasting impression has developed into the idea of juxtaposing the video footage with unexpected and powerful background ambiance (a crowded bar, nightclub, party, heart monitor, intercourse, etc.) that provokes emotion by making you uncomfortable. I have also grouped the footage into categories based on the statistics on each model's face, but I'm having a difficult time figuring out how many models to show during each video. To fix this confusion, I decided to make a matrix that charts which models will be in each video and what the background sound effect will be.
Here are some of the most up to date videos in the series.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Professional Practice: Senior Show Directions

After meeting with my group, we decided to pursue Matt's direction for our "Bragging Rights" Senior show identity. We have the concept of an exhibit that presents our best work in an elegant, confident and refreshing manner by using golds, whites, and blacks, as well as ornamental elements and pristine typography. The following is the revised logo and theme that we will be presenting in the "Shoot Out" on Thursday, March 25th.
This is the website mock-up that I
designed for our show's concept:

This is the logo, theme and typography
being used in our concept


With my partners Matt Urlaub & Adam McBride, we came up with the idea of calling the 2010 Senior Design show "Bragging Rights" to play off of the idea of this being our chance to show-off our work to the community and to visually "brag" about what we have accomplished as we graduate from KCAI. The following are design directions that I have been playing around with. We want to use really beautiful typefaces that are elegant and sophisticated, along with ornamentation or highly decorative graphics that will emphasize our theme in a clean, yet detailed manner.
This is an idea for the homepage of the
show's website that I came up with.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

DP: Mid-Semester Degree Project Summation

At this point in the semester, I have reached the half way point in my degree project. So far, I have:

-Completed the Millennial League & AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City's "Spread the Truth, Not the Disease" poster campaign that is now being implemented throughout the local community as of 02.12.10.
-Experimented with using still images to create motion, mood, emotion, and other strategic/successful effects through short .swf movies.
-Planned and directed a new photo/video shoot on 02.27.10 with the help of Drew Bolton, Donald Pelton, and 15 volunteer models.
-Gathered 5 hours of video footage and over 50 photographs to use for my Degree Project campaign
-Got the audio footage from the shoot mastered to its best quality.
-Produced several quick video cuts using sequencing, still video shots and narration.
-Began creating wireframe mockups for what will look like.
-Prepared an up-to-date process documentation book.

creating emotion & mood through giving motion to still-images
Video cut using multiple people in one shot
Video cut using just men to deliver the message

wireframe sketches
Mock-up #1
Mock-up #2
Mock-up #3
Mock-up #3 (B)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spatial Experience: Finding the "3 P's" at the KC Auto show


There are three principle modes or “uses of language”: the practical, the poetic, and the persuasive (or the three p’s).

Practical communicates information, Poetic communicates experience through the senses, and Persuasive communicates with encouragement or persuasion.

Our assignment was to go to the Kansas City Auto Show downtown at Bartle Hall and collect photographs of the exhibit that exemplified these three modes of communication.


This signage was found when I first walked into Bartle Hall and it helped guide me to the location of the auto show. It is intended for clarity and is purely informational.

This signage was next to a Toyota vehicle and is practical in its layout, which isn't really inspired by the content but rather offers a clear and descriptive summary of the car's information.

This is an example of poetic signage that invites the viewer to participate in the content by walking around the cylindrical design to see the possibilities of paint colors that are available. It enriches the experience through its form, while also being informative.

This is rainbow archway is an example of poetic communication because it invites the viewers into the specific exhibit by means of evoking emotion through color and form. It creates a friendly mood and offers multiple reads or possible interpretations.

This signage is clearly persuasive, compared to being solely practical or informative. It does provide the viewer with information about the truck being shown, but it does it in a singular point-of-view. It is subjective and throws facts in your face while boasting about the truck's features. The texture, color and masculinity of its design also speak in a reassuring manner.

This signage for the SmartCar is practical in its delivery of content and information about the vehicle, but I felt that it could also be seen as persuasive because of the "affordable" and "safe" bullet-like layout. It is advertising to the viewer that this car is better than others because of its unique and rewarding features.

This is my fellow colleague Jessica Lyew-Ayee's mural that she was commissioned to paint during the Auto Show as part of a live performance piece. She designed it to reflect the theme and aesthetics of this year's event. She is doing an excellent job and I'm very proud of her.