Tuesday, March 24, 2009

InfoArch:Design Directions

This is the main screen of my first concept (I refined the colors in the 2nd one) :
If the viewer clicks the picture of each designer a biography will pop up to the side of it. 
When the viewer clicks the title of their essay, the text pops up below it and they can scroll down to read the whole essay. Key words from each paragraph will be highlighted and a brief summary of the main point of each paragraph will come up when they click on it. 
This is the main screen of my second concept:
The viewer can click the name of the designer or their picture to get a bio of them.
They can scroll to the right to read the whole bio and see examples of their work.
When the viewer scrolls over and reveals more of the work, they may also click each piece to see a larger version of it and the title of it.
The viewer can click the title of the essays and each paragraph will come up one after another for both designers. Highlighted text can be hovered over to reveal my summary of each paragraph. 

For my third concept I wanted to put more thought into how the two designers could be compared side by side, with their biographies and work, as well as with their essays. 
If the viewer clicks on the title of the essay, it will show up below. 
Keywords are highlighted in each paragraph
Once the highlighted text is hovered over, a text box will come up with my interpretation of the paragraph in it

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