Saturday, October 11, 2008

Final Floss (Kinetic Type) Animation


Saboo313 said...

I really like the animation. do you do a lot with animation?

Ryan Shawgo said...

Kyle, Good job on your animation man! I really like the fluidness of your actions while including the hand drawn letterforms. You still accomplished the hand drawn effect while still keeping the fluidness of the actual action. The duration of each action is good, but I feel like some of the transitions where you can only see the thin line might be taking over your actions. Maybe a little less time on the transitions and more time given to the actual action. The motion of the actions felt very true to the real life action of flossing but on the last action where they are removing I think that they should be transparent so that you can see through the bowls and what not of the letterforms. Thats really the only thing that I saw that stuck out to me. The message that came upon me with this animation is that flossing isn't that hard of a thing to do, and a lot of people don't floss because they think that it is a pain. So I felt that the idea of it being very simple with no other elements helped your animation. I also think that the color choice for the background was a good decision in that I got it from the very first time I saw it that it was referring to the bibs that the dentist gives you. Again good job on this you executed very nicely.


Overall, your animation is pretty smooth and has a lot of good qualities to it. I appreciate the fact that you viewed the digital medium as a tool to improve your hand-rendered work rather than a necessary method of executing your work.
There are some minor things that confuse me a little. Whenever the letters start falling off the line, the bowles (spaces between) are filled-in with the background color. This creates a weird effect of the letter overlapping the line. It can be seen as a craft issue.
The color concept is nice. It is not as blatant as black and white and adds more meaning to the animation. I wish it was a bringing out your floss line a little bit more. More contrast, maybe?
The work is nice and can be even more refined if you solve the bowl problem.