Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Creating an Icon Set




Hand Rendered Icon Progress

For Jamie's class, we were assigned to develop a set of icons for a chosen theme.  After doing lots of researching, I decided to create a group of icons that represented the basic essentials to a "Body Sculpting Workout."  While creating a cohesive set, I considered shape, weight, line-work, color, and an overall consistency. I tried to document the important stages of my process from beginning to end of this project. The images posted will illustrate how far I have come since my original hand-rendered ideas to the final full set of icons.

My color pallet was derived from my semiotic scrapbook spreads. I went through my scrapbook and chose a page that had a color pallet that I felt was appropriate for my icon set. I know that my objects can generally be considered masculine, but I wanted to use a color system that would be complimentary of both genders. It is a very feminine blue and silver that I use for my final set. I felt the grey represents the steel that is used in workout equipment, as well. Oh, and for my final refined set, I decided to cut the exercise bike icon because i felt that it didn't fit with the rest of the set. Read my connotation list and see if you think my final set (highest image on this post) matches the connotations I was aiming for.

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