Wednesday, April 23, 2008


For the first image concept, CONTRAST, I want my placards to consist of my icons being compared to an unhealthy opposite of its function for your health. So for the scale icon, which represents fat loss and weight management, i will contrast it with an image of fast-food, like a Mc Donalds burger or something. For the treadmil icon, which represents cardio and running, I will contrast it with an image of a couch or a tv which represent laziness and inactivity. For the water bottle icon, which represents healthy hydration and your body's need for water, i will contrast it with an image of soda or alcohol.

For the second image concept, COMPARISON, I want my placards to consist of an environment at home where the icon fits in with the objects around it. My dumbbell icon can sit on a shelf with heavy household things such as milk jugs, cans of soup, or bags of flour. My Jumprope icon can sit next to extension cords on a shelf. My swiss ball icon can be placed next to some balls used for sports such as basketball,soccer,volleyball,etc.

For the third image concept, LOCATION OF BENEFIT, I want my placards to consist of very illustrative images of the muscles that my chosen icons benefit or build. I will place my icons on the muscle groups in an interesting way or maybe even within the actual muscle. I will use an image of the abdominal muscles or the core with my swiss ball icon. I will use my dumbbell icon with an image of biceps. I will use my treadmill icon with an image of legs or maybe the heart.

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jamie said...

The comparison in environment (concept #2) is a great one. Really run with this one.