Monday, April 14, 2008

Infographic Updated

I adjusted the far right side. The text was cutting it too close to the edge and it was bothersome. I also adjusted the color of the numbers based on its opposite side of the gradient. I think legibility improved.

What do you think about the orange bar that includes the paragraph? I added the text info box to explain to the viewer what the purpose of the infographic is. I talked about who needs to exercise, when, how much, and why. I also fixed the alignments on the "quick tips" and "by the number" columns.

This is the infographic that I have arrived at as of now. I will include it in my magazine spread for Michael eppelheimer's class. It might need a few final tweaks but I think the layout and the color choices are good how they are. Any suggestions?


jamie said...

The low contrast between orange text and gray background are compromising legibility in the left column.

jamie said...

Align your body copy to the top, so it has a matching baseline across the quick tips and by the number columns.

What is the blue outer ring for? Have you tried without? Or smaller? Or different color? Could it be a spot to expand/repeat the minute breakdown?

Missing is a small paragraph that expands and frames the piece. Yes, the header says a lot, but now, do some copywriting that explains the concept or benefit or ease of a 60 minute workout. Why do it? Who is it for? When does this fit in the day? et al.