Monday, April 14, 2008

Revised Infographic

In Class Revisions on April 14, 2008. I deleted the black background because it just didnt relate to my theme and was too over powering. The white background is cleaner and fits a more gym like color pallet. I also revisited the labeling devices and played around with color choices overall. I think I am finally getting everything looking right!.

Here is what I have as of now! (Two Versions)

Black font?

Orange font?

Red/Pink font? Makes my infographic not so masculine dominated!

Here is the process for my infographic refinement. I decided, after the in-class group critique, that I needed to organize my layout more effectively. I moved all of the text to one column for each set of information. One column gives "quick tips" and the other column gives "by the number" facts. The third column provides the number of minutes each object/icon takes up in the 60 minute workout. I still think the left side of my infographic is missing something and seems empty compared to the heavy right side. What can I add to it or change to make it better from here? I wanted to include an element of pattern or repetition because it is a connotation that relates to my theme. I also wanted it to show movement, so I created a gradient and included the colored columns in an active way.  Still not sure if this is what I want my final to look like, but I do like the direction.  What do you think about the black background? The typeface choice (Univers Lt 57 Condensed)? What do you think about the labels for the different sections of the workout? I posted several different color choices up on here. What about the color treatment of my icons?  

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