Sunday, April 20, 2008

Final Magazine Spreads and Infographic

While developing my infographic from start to finish, I tried to keep in mind how it would fit into my magazine article with a strong level of consistency. This created complications, but because of it, my infographic has changed dramatically since my first ideas and with each refinement came a new level of complexity. My color pallet is considered throughout the spreads and I tried to stick with the same colors as I finished with at the last stage of this project. I brought in an orange to break the masculine connotation that may have been overpowering my magazine spreads. Since my article is about body sculpting being made easy, referring to the fact that both men and women can do it, I needed to incorporate a color that not only fit the gym theme, but also was a complimentary color to both genders. I employed graphic elements like the horizontal gray color bar that runs across the top of the first two spreads and then is implemented into my infographic on the third spread. My infographic communicates information on different levels such as within the pie chart and within the text in the right columns. The colors are very important in coordinating each object and where they fit into the workout. I used a gradient to help with legibility and also add a more dynamic feeling to my text. Repetition is also included in my design because it is something that is important while exercising and working out. The typefaces I chose also compliment the theme of my article and are very structured with great form. My spreads and my infographic speak in a simplistic, clean, and controlled manner while communicating a friendly and clear set of information that is meant for a beginner.

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jamie said...

good explanation of your color application in the infographic