Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kinetic Type: Action/Object Concepting

My two objects are going to be:
1. toothbrush- polish, clean, reach, and sweep
2. floss- weave, scrape, wedge, wrap, guide, remove, wipe


clean= to make something free of dirt, stains, or mess. 
reach= to stretch out or extend an object in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something
sweep= clean an area by brushing away dirt or litter. to move or remove in such a way. move swiftly and smoothly.

twirl= to spin quickly and lightly around 
wedge= to force into a narrow space or position
remove=to take something unwanted or unnecessary away from the position it occupies. to eliminate or get rid of. 

Since color and typeface/lettering choice is open on this project, I get to chose my typefaces and to do so I looked closely at the form and detail of the letters and thought about their formal relationship to my words. I attempted to visualize a formal connection between the chosen typefaces/lettering and the object words which function conceptually as a unit.  So to do this, I thought about what my two nouns look like and how they exist in terms that may also relate to a typeface. 
1. toothbrush- long, strong, stiff, flat, gripped, bristles, flexible
2. floss- thin, soft, threadlike, silk, smooth, lightweight, flexible

I then researched typefaces and found several that I think will work well with the characteristics of my objects. 
1. toothbrush- bank gothic light, clarendon roman, copperplate gothic light, courier new regular, DIN, eccentric std, frutiger bold, futura bold, helvetica book, impact, news gothic. 
2. floss- edwardian script regular, frutiger light italic, courier new italic, new caledonia italic, baskerville italic, bikham script pro regular, apple chancery

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