Monday, September 15, 2008

Poster Directions- FINAL IDEAS

I came up with a more interesting way to create a composition out of m subject matter and the idea I already had that lacked an interesting layout/composition. I LOVE IT NOW!

Does White Text work better? I think it might because it makes the objects that are less important be the darkest thing on the poster. 

This is my other final direction. I remade the calendar and took better pictures of it that are cropped to make an interesting composition that still gets the message across with out actually saying "GO VOTE."

Here are some text ideas I came up with. They are a lot more modern then using a computer typeface. What do you think?

For My first Idea, I am comparing watching television or playing on the computer to voting. My demographic has priorities that may keep them from voting or distract them from using their time more wisely. I think this concept is strong for a poster direction. I played around with some image and layout ideas. Not sure what I like yet. 

Here is my second Idea. I am using a parody on Myspace and relating directly to my demographic who is obsessed with computer networking websites. 

Here is my 3rd direction. I am using the idea of the the importance for full-time workers to request off work to vote. Its pretty self explanatory.

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thenewprogramme said...

kyle, these are coming along nicely. i'm glad you're playing around more with the compostions and type as requested, because i think these are improving.

i like that it's on the computer, but maybe you need to try to make it more "real" and play with the scale of it all on the page.
- consider making a jpg of your graphic and opening it in a browser window, then photographing the computer. a windows machine would be ideal, but is not necessary. most of your audience will be using windows.

- take a range of photos from different angles and then play with scale of the photo on the poster.

- also try cut out vs not cut out. maybe a bit of context would make the audience relate more to the poster. what would be a their table/desk?

the hand drawn type is nicer, because the message is now from an individual -- it's more of a personal plea. i think the voting pin ones are the best, but consider nixing the middle t.v. with the type. try just the type in the middle.

- try a type variation where instead of scribbling, you just write it kind of quickly and forcefully with a sharpie. keep it kind of small so the stroke is bold enough.

- t.v. or computer? not sure. i think either gets the message across similarly.