Friday, September 5, 2008

Poster Ideas: Progress

I have chosen a few directions for my voting poster and I have started flushing out the ideas in more refined pencil sketches. The following are my strongest designs so far.

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thenewprogramme said...

pic 1 -- mouse
some pretty good ideas here. it definitely seems to address the computer obsessed folks in this demographic. the top left would lend itself well to hyperbole if you can show just how much this person uses the mouse. the bottom right is interesting too, if you can show everything that could be done on the computer somehow. but you'd need to keep the primary message focused on the "except vote" part.

pic 2 -- asking off work
the handwritten note is more interesting than the straightforward depiction of the guy at the boss's desk. on the latter, how can you visualize that in another way? rhetorical tropes are about "departing from normal signification" or the normal way of saying things, so using that exact scenario, can you apply the rhetorical tropes to make it more interesting? i don't know if it's worth the trouble it would take to refine it though, especially since the letter is more interesting.

regarding the letter, it's pretty good right now, but i wonder if you can edit it down more. the notion of it being a glimpse into someone's personal experience is pretty strong i think. does it need to be a letter? are there other similar scenarios that would work? what are all the things and variations related to getting off work or school?

pic 3 -- equally important and myspace
i think the myspace parody is quite strong, but not quite there yet. seems like the voting message needs to be made a little more obvious than it currently is. does a secondary tagline exist on the original like you have here? the "who's your number 1?" line is great. definitely keep that. i wouldn't add a bunch of extra elements because the simplicity of the parody will keep it strong, but see what you can figure out to bring out the voting message a bit more.

the "equally important" ideas are strong here, but the copywriting might come off badly for some people. some would say that voting is infinitely more important than a baseball game. i wonder if you address it in terms of priorities. or pose as a question somehow. it's smart that you're using the material objects of affection that these guys frequently work hard to obtain and use.

i'd say to try and refine one mouse poster, one boss poster one of the "equally important" posters and the myspace.