Friday, September 5, 2008


Here is the 20 frame storyboard I constructed for my first action of applying toothpaste to the toothbrush. I tried to keep in mind composition and a smooth flow from one frame to the next. The narrative is kept in one perspective, while zooming is used in certain frames to show detail.
I don't know why the first two frames have a white bar dividing them. Guess its a glitch from Exporting the file to a JPEG. 

This is the 20 frame storyboard I constructed for my second action of "Brushing Teeth." I wanted to show a before and after affect to create a more interesting story. The teeth start off gross and dirty in the first few frames, but as they get brushed, they get clean and whiter!
Here is the documentation of the handmade mounted storyboards. 

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thenewprogramme said...

nice work kyle. looks like you've definitely been busy. the zooming in and out is a nice change and adds more interest to the story. i'm anxious to see the second one.